An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is used to calculate the life cycle assessment (LCA) of construction material in accordance with the standard

EN 15804, which is then submitted for verification and publishing.

In addition to creating EPDs, LCA Support also offers EPD verification as a service. This is possible for EPDs either prepared by your company or by another service provider for publication on the Finnish Rakennustieto (RTS) EPD platform.


Selection of a suitable EPD program operator

The EPD Program Operator is the authority responsible for the accuracy of the EPD publication process. In addition to the EN 15804 standard, the various operators have specific instructions and rules on how to compile an EPD for publication on their platform. The rules are, for example, what specific information must be reflected on the EPD or on what basis the products may be classified on the EPD. Each operator also has a list of qualified persons who can provide the third party verification service. Verification is a mandatory part of publishing an EPD.

LCA Support has the ability to create an EPD for any program operator. If necessary, we can help you choose the right program operator.


Preparation of the EPD

The preparation of an EPD can be completed either within your company or with the help of an external service provider, such as LCA Support. In both cases, the process should consist of the following steps:

  1. An analysis should first be made about how many EPDs need to be classified. Considering the specifics of the company's product, the number of factories and the location of the factories, a decision must be made on how to classify the products on the EPDs. Different program operators have their own rules on how products should be classified. It usually depends on differences in the production process of the products, the raw materials and the CO2 footprint.

  2. Next, it is necessary to collect a variety of data necessary for LCA modelling. According to the standard, full-year information should be used, including the total amount of raw materials used in the plant(s), the amount of energy and water required, the type of waste generated, and annual production volumes by product category.

  3. The LCA model is compiled from the raw data, which is the input to the calculations, which results in information on the product's environmental footprint. The calculation of the results is presented together with all the assumptions made and background information about the production process in the EPD background report. The report must also be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the standard and program operator and is required for the verification of the EPD. LCA calculations must be performed with a software and environmental data that are both approved by the program operator.

LCA Support has long-term experience in compiling EPDs and is able to provide professional advice on the optimal number of EPDs required for publication.  Creating a large set of single EPDs when a product group EPD could be compiled instead can lead to significant additional costs.

LCA Support compiles the EPD according to EN 15804 + A1 and + A2, respectively, so your company does not have to worry about the usability of the EPD during the transition period of the building's LCA standard. 


EPD verification

The third party verification of an EPD is performed by a person approved by the EPD program operator. If your company is compiling the EPD in-house then it must also arrange the verification and then correct any errors identified during the inspection of the EPD and its background report. Otherwise, the EPD will not be signed by the verifier and the EPD cannot be published.

The quality of the EPD significantly effects the length of the verification process. A well produced EPD takes only a few business days to verify, but inspection of a poor quality EPD can take months, and possibly the verifier might refuse to sign the verification report.

LCA Support organizes a verifier as part of the EPD creation service and provides the customer with a guarantee that the EPD will pass third-party verification.


Publishing of the EPD

In order to publish an EPD, it is necessary to submit a corresponding application to the EPD program operator, which contains all the required documents, including a signed verification report. The operator checks the accuracy of the application and the preparation of the EPD at regular meetings by a committee appointed for this purpose. If deficiencies are found, the EPD creator has an obligation to correct them otherwise the EPD will not be published.

LCA Support can help you prepare the EPD application and, if necessary, make the latest corrections according to the comments of the program operator. Our service is complete with the publication of the EPD on the EPD program operator platform.



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