Life Cycle Assessment services

EPD Creation

or Verification

Your building product manufacturing processes data will be used to calculate your Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) as per EN15804 standard, which will then be submitted for verification and publication. Verification for publishing the EPD at RTS platform can also be provided for EPDs created by others.

Building product carbon footprint assessment

We will analyse your building product carbon footprint and detect the hot spots in your supply chain and manufacturing process. The analysis provides valuable information that can be used to optimise the carbon footprint of your product and support product development.

LCA and LCC 

for Green Building Certifications

Using your building information model (BIM) or bill of materials (BoM) a Life Cycle Assessment or Life Cycle Costing Assessment can be calculated, for the purpose of a wide range of international schemes, including BREEAM, LEED (and others). If you are in the concept design stage, an estimate can also be created for your upfront carbon to help with early design optimisation.

Education and Training

Green construction is a fast growing topic due to both rising client demand and also regulations. You can learn more and see live demonstrations using certified software through seminars, workshops, and other forms of training.

Supported schemes:


DGNB: DE, Intl
HQE: Intl

LEED: v4, v3


EN/ISO Standards: EN 15978, ISO 21931-1 & ISO 21929-1; EN 15804, EN 15942, ISO 21930


About us:

LCA Support is operated by Rangi Maja OÜ. We have over five years of experience in creating LCAs for buildings and building products. Our focus is providing LCA services in construction sector using industry standards EN 15804 and EN 15978 and completing LCA or LCC studies for green building certifications. In our work we use One Click LCA software which is a world leading life cycle metrics software for construction industry. We also offer EPD verification services for publishing at the Building Information Foundation RTS sr (Finland). 


 Rangi Maja OÜ Reg nr: 14739424 Tondi 22-4, Tallinn, 11613, Estonia