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Since there is unfortunately quite a gap in information about low-carbon construction and this application in Estonian, we will try to fill this gap on our website.

Here you will find a quick overview and explanation of terms and concepts related to EPDs.

Read more about how EPD preparation works - what steps the process consists of and who is involved. 

See here which of the Estonian manufacturers have already prepared an EPD for their products.

Coming soon - the information given on the EPD and its reading

Read more about what information is written on the EPD, how to read it and what to pay attention to.

Coming soon - EPD results and how to read them

See here what indicators are reflected on the EPD and how to read them.

Read here what a program operator is and how to make your choice.

Take a closer look at the differences in the process and price of EPD compilation, when you purchase the compilation as a service or prepare the EPD yourself.

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