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When preparing an EPD, it is not enough to just analyze the product and complete the document. The work must be reviewed by an independent third party before the EPD is published. This process is called verification. Only if the verification is complete you can make an application to publish the EPD and send all the necessary documents to the program operator.

Why verification is necessary
The purpose of verification is to ensure that the information provided on the EPD is correct and that all applicable requirements have been met. Validation is an important step that ensures the reliability and transparency of EPDs. Verification is a process defined by standards (EN ISO 14025 and ISO 21930), which means that the same rules apply to everyone.
How the verification works
Once the EPD document and the project report are ready, both documents must be sent to the verifier. Agreements should be concluded well in advance so that the project does not drag on.

Each program operator selects competent experts who can certify EPDs in their program, not everyone can provide this service. The list of witnesses and their contacts can be found on the website of the program operator. We offer certification in the Finnish program RTS or the Swedish program International EPD System.

The verifier reviews the sent documents and sends his comments, to which the EPD compiler responds. In the comments, the verifier can, for example, refer to errors and inconsistencies and ask for additional information or clarifications. This is how they communicate until all errors are corrected and there are no more questions. This may take a few rounds or considerably more. It depends on the quality and volume of work. 

The output of verification is at least a communication log and a verification report. The communication log shows the communication between the verifier and the EPD compiler, as well as a brief overview of the changes made. The verification report confirms that the project meets the requirements.
How long does the verification take?
You can't say a specific time here. It depends a lot on the quality of the work done, the verifier's work schedule and the number of EPDs waiting to be verified.

If the project is prepared by a professional EPD developer and the verifier's schedule is free, the verification takes usually 1-2 weeks. However, if there are some errors in the work, the verification may take several months.

The most accurate information is provided by the verifier's offer and the agreements concluded with him.
How much does verification cost?
The verification fee depends on several factors. Verifiers are free to establish their own price lists and pricing principles. Therefore, it is necessary to ask for a quote for your specific project.

LCA Support offers verification services for the Finnish RTS and Swedish International EPD System programs.

To make an offer, we need to know:

  • what type of product it is

  • hether it is an EPD of a single product or a product group 

  • how many EPDs and products are in the project

  • in which program the EPD is planned to be published

  • when could the project be ready for verification, i.e. when the documents will be sent to us.

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